Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August 7th 2012

Lord, I want to live out the sermon on the mount lifestyle. I want to live a lifestyle of fasting. I want to give out of my lack and not my surplus. I want to serve others in humility and not have a critical or judgmental spirit. I want to learn how to restrain my tongue and bless my enemies and not focus on defending myself. I want to pray and get deeper into your word. Lord, help me to sow to my spirit and not my flesh. My flesh is so strong sometimes. Give me strength to kill it and let my spirit man rise up and become stronger. Speak to me holy spirit. I will obey. Show me where you want me to go and what you want me to do. I will obey. Test me, try me, use me. I will obey. You can trust me god. I am your man. You can trust me with your gospel, with the destiny you have for me.

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