Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 26th 2012

Lord I need you this week. I am feeling lethargic, unmotivated and so ready to leave. There is so much to do this week and once again I remind myself to finish strong. Please Lord help me this week. Help my attitude, my work ethic and my perseverance. Please purify me also Lord. Rid me of all lust and protect my thought life. I don't want to do anything or let anything happen to derail the destiny you have for me. You are a wonderful God and a gracious Savior. I am so thankful for your favor and blessing. My health, my family, and your constant attention to me overwhelms me. You have protected my family, our finances, and our path. Thank you so much Lord for the honor to fulfill the call of the Great Commission. Like Solomon again, I ask for wisdom and discernent above all. Reading about the details and the extravagance of your temple shows me what a majestic God you are. Now, I am your temple and I pray that my life honors you in as much as that temple did. Lord, help me to be a better husband and father. Give me more love, more patience, and more compassion. Help me guide my kids into your truth and give me advice and counsel for them. Keep me humble because your Word says that humility comes before honor. Help me to be meek and gentle but firm in the truth and my love and pursuit for righteousness. Forgive me for my selfish and evil intentions. Purify my heart. I pray that you will give me your eyes for the lost. Help me to be attentive to the Holy Spirit and to be obedient when He speaks. Thank you for your favor. I am so humbled that you would consider me a servant to step into the shoes of the next season of our lives. Protect us Lord from the attacks of the enemy. The battle is yours and you are my avenger. I trust in You Lord and will follow your lead and will follow you all the days of my life. I love you father and I want to be more like you

Thursday, June 21, 2012

June 21st 2012

Dear Father, How great you are. No one is like you in all the heavens and earth. Everything you do is right and just in time. Thank you for your wisdom, your knowledge. Help me to continue to seek it. I want to be a man of honesty and integrity and deals in truth. I want to be a man who leaves a legacy and inheritance to my children that is dripping with zeal and passion for the one living God. Thank you that you have stored up blessing for me. Teach me to reign in my emotions and not to act or speak impuslevily. Teach me the true fear of the Lord so I might have a quiet but strong confidence. Teach me humility and to walk in meekness and gentleness. Thank you so much for your favor at our state missions interviews. Thank you for the comments they made to my wife and I. I want to stay humble and let your promote me because I know humility comes before honor. Thank you for our health and your continued protection over my family. You are so so good. Continue to guide us during this transtion. Help these next 2 weeks to go smoothly. Help me to be a man of strength, integrity, and to pursue holiness and righteousness. Help me to be gentle and speak in love, but to not shrink back and to continue to obey the HOly Spirit. Protect our finances Lord and bless us with enough to care of our needs and to still be a blessing to others. I want to be a better husband and father Lord. Help me love more, because my love is weak and limited. I need you to love through me. Help me to teach my kids about you and pour into them your Word. You are so gracious to me and I love you so much. Give me more of a hunger for prayer and your Word. Lord, I renounce any generational curses in my life. I renounce any spirits of lust that have been passed down to me. Devil you get your hold off me and God, break the hold. No more will you attack my mind. Lord you have my thoughts and my heart. Bless this day Lord and give me favor and guide me into all truth

Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 14th 2012

I love you Jesus. You are my God. I will serve only you. You are the only one true God. You are sovereign and reign and there is no other like you. Thank you for your grace and mercy towards me. Thank you for your thoughts towards me; they outnumber the sand on the seashore. You are so lovely and beautiful. Thank you for being my God. Thank you for your provision, protection and my health. Thank you for my family. Give me grace as I grow to love my wife and kids more. Keep me humble, keep me steady. Lord I want to be faithful. I want to be a man you can trust and count on. Lord, like Solomon's prayer; I am a little child and I don't know how to come out or go in. I need wisdom and discernment to judge between good and evil. More than riches, long life, or honor Lord I want discernment of people's hearts, intentions, and spiritual discernment. Open my eyes up to the truth and give me discernment like no other. Lord I feel like I am on an island as I have obeyed Holy Spirit and stood up to evil spirits. I feel attacked, intimidated, and sometimes dominated. Lord, please be my defense. Vindicate me O God. Lord I want to do nothing out of pride or selfish ambition. I am not looking for fame, ego strokes or honor, but I am looking to be obedient to you and what you are asking of me. My spirit is grieved that the church has allowed jezebel spirits into their midst and leadership has not stood up against it. Lord, you know I can only do so much without the support of senior leadership but know God that I am doing everything I can. Please Lord open up Pastor's eyes to the spiritual warfare that he needs to engage in. Please Lord let him see that this is more than just normal church riffs but their are spiritual attacks and movements that are working in his church that are killing the church. Give him a boldness, a strength to stand up and oust these spirits. Lord, I will stand against this spirit in me, my family, and any ministry you ask me to lead. I will not be governed or ruled by any Jezebel or any other evil spirit for that matter. You are my God and I will have no other. Continue Lord to be a defense and sheild for my family. Protect them and let no harm come to them. Continue to help me speak when needed, but remain silent when I know my words will be like pearls thrown to swine. Lord, these next few weeks are going to be hard. I want to be strong and continue my strong fight and stance, but I also want to be humble and have a meek and lowly spirit. I will fight for justice and will not waver. Expose the lies and bring those who are lying to justice. Reveal the true hearts of the oppresor and accuser. Help me to hear your voice continually so I may obey it and walk in it. Help our family to be strong and pursue righteousness and holiness. Give me more insight into the situation and the spiritual battle and the spirits I am fighting against. I love you Jesus so much and look upon me and guide me during this difficult time.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 12th 2012

You are my God and I will never let go of you. I would of been destroyed long ago if it wasn't for you, my refuge, my high tower, my defense. I will rest in you Lord and wait patiently on you. I will not worry when the wicked seem to prosper. I lay down my anger and wrath and let you be my avenger and defense. I know that evildoers will have an end and your justice and righteousness will prevail. Keep me humble and meek and seek for peace but keep me strong in the fight and not give ground to the evil one. Keep me upright and order my steps Lord. Delight in me Lord and uphold me with your right hand. Do not forsake me. Give me wisdom and keep me close to your Word. Let none of my steps slide. I put my trust in you Lord, never let me be put to shame. Deliver me in Your righteousness and cause me to escape. Incline your ear to me and save me. Be my strong refuge, for you are my rock and my fortress. I will boast of your righteousness all day long. Let those who seek my hurt be confounded and brought to shame. In the multitude of my anxieties within me, your comfort delights my soul. Thank you for your Word Lord. It is water to my soul and medicine for my heart. Be my avenger. All vengeance belongs to you. O God shine forth with your vengeance. Rise up o Judge of the earth and render punishment to the proud. They are uttering speech and speaking lies. They are break into pieces your people and afflict your heritage. Rise up Lord and serve your justice. As for me O Lord set righteousness and integrity constantly before me. Let no fault or no lie found in me. Reveal the truth and keep me seeking after it. I pray that you would protect my wife and kids from these malicious attacks and protect them from the evil one. Let their minds be guarded and their hearts be set on you. Satan, I come against you in the name of Jesus and bind you and cast your off. You have no authority in my home, with my family, and in my life. Your attempts to divide, accuse, and destroy are futile because greater is he that is in me (us) than He that is in the world. I put on the whole armor of Christ and fight knowing that the battle belongs to the Lord and victory is assured. Lord, I will continue to stand no matter that consequences or false accusations. I just pray that Pastor Paul will fight with me, but even if he doesn't I will continue to fight for justice, righteousness and truth, no matter what it may cost me. You will bless the upright and give me favor in due time. I love you Jesus and I trust you.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday, June 5th 2012

Holy Spirit, you are amazing. Thank you for your nudges, your impressions, your guiding, and your still voice that leads me into all truth and righteousness. Lord, I thank you for your mercy that you pour out on me daily. I do not deserve any of it and your grace humbles me. Please Lord, continue to give me strength to fight for justice and righteousness. I want your approval and not mans. Lord I want to fight for your honor and uphold my integrity. Thank you for this righteous zeal and Holy Spirit boldness you have given me. Please continue to strengthen me and empower me these next 4 weeks before I leave Bethel. I want to finish the job and finish strong. I want to be know as a man who followed the Holy Spirit at Bethel and did whatever it took to protect the sheep (students) and fight for righteousness. Please continue to talk to me, to fill my mouth with your words and to direct my steps. You are so gracious to me and I am so thankful for your leading and trust with me. I anxiously await this next season of my life; KC and then itineration, and then Thailand. I trust you in everything. I trust you for provision, protection, and guidance. Lord continue to bless our family financially and with good health. Continue to keep all our bills low and protect our vehicles. I come against these recent attacks from the enemny and in Jesus name, Satan, you leave us alone. You have no authority. We will fulfill our destiny and this next season of our life, you will have no influence. Get your hands of my children, off my wife, off me, and off our lives. I pray that you will strengthen Megan today and give her an assurance and boldness that she is in your perfect will. Fill Alli with your love and get her eyes of herself and onto you. Continue to heal Erica and Destiny. Unite them with me and Andrea and I pray for deliverance from past experiences. Raise up my son to be a warrior, a lover of you, and a strong leader. Fill his mouth with Holy Spirit. Give Andrea strength today and the love and patience she needs to love your children. Help me to be the father and husband you need. Also Lord give me words to say to Ali Laing today. May they be words of encouragement and refreshment. Guide me Holy Spirit. Keep me humble, meek, and lowly. Help me today in staff to know when to keep my mouth shut and when to open it. I want to defend righteousness and give insight but help me to know when words will fall on deaf ears. I need wisdom and discernment always. I love you so much Father and thank you for your favor and blessing upon me and my family. You deserve all the glory, honor and praise. My life is everything it is today because of your favor and blessing. I boast in your Jesus Love Your Son