Saturday, July 13, 2013

Culture Shock- Last Day in Bangkok

Our last day in Bangkok and lets just say, we think a little culture shock has set in. The first couple days our excitement was over the top and we were embracing the differences and were handling being out of our comfort zone. Yesterday, new feelings started to creep in. We went to the biggest mall in Bangkok, called MBK and lunch time rolled around. We went down to the food market and walked around for half an hour because we had no clue what to order, what the food was, and the smells of different Asian spices and the foods were overwhelming and very foreign to us. We must of walked around the whole food market at least 5 times trying to make a decision, because we really wanted to venture out and try things that we couldn't even pronounce much less tell you what they were or what ingredients were in them. I guess this is what they call a little bit of culture shock. We all looked at each other and decided that we wanted something comfortable and we went to Pizza Hut. Even that did not taste like the pizza hut back home but it was close enough to feed our desire for "normal" food. We loved the mall. We love to barter prices and found quite a few deals on gifts, clothes, and other misc. items. We actually went to see a movie in the mall. It was an American new release with Thai subtitles. After previews and right before the movie, a song to the king along with a video/pic montage played. We all stood up in respect. Come to find out, this homage to the king plays before every movie and to show respect, you must stand until it is over. We made it back to the hotel and for dinner we went to a nice Thai restaurant and tried some wonderful Thai dishes like chicken satay, massaman curry, shrimp thai rice, garlic chicken and some appetizer that I can't pronounce that had coconut, bay leaf, crispy fish, peanuts, and ginger in it. It was a beautiful restaurant and the food was very tasty. When we got back to the hotel at 8pm we crashed into bed and fell right asleep. All in all, it was a great day, but we finally experienced a little of the culture shock everyone warned and we read about. It was expected and I am sure there is more to come. God has and will give us grace to deal with it all. He has called us and he will uphold us. Today we are flying out to southern Thailand to experience the coast in Phuket. More to come...

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