Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our Day in Phuket

Our travel continues. We left Bangkok and flew south to an island in the Andaman Sea (Indian Ocean) called Phuket. We liked visiting Bangkok, but we were glad to get away from the big city life and into a more slower place. Phuket is beautiful. We stayed close to Patong beach and had the opportunity to take a speed boat an hour off the coast to three Islands called the Phi Phi islands. We saw crystal clear/blue water, monkeys everywhere, snorkled in the Indian Ocean, and enjoyed a pina coloda on the beach watching the waves crash in. It was so relaxing and a much needed break from city life. I had a mini breakdown on the speed boat. All of a sudden another round of culture shock set in and I was ready to come home because I missed my home in Blissfield and all my kids. It lasted for about half an hour and then it went away. Culture shock is so weird. It comes and goes, but when it comes, it attacks your mind and all you want is to be comfortable and be in a place where you are in control. I guess this is a process and it will be a longer process once we move permanetly. We left Phuket and flew to our future home, Chiang Mai. We have only been here a few hours and we already love it and we are sensing that God is turning our hearts towards living here. I will blog more about Chiang Mai in a day or so. Below are pics of Phuket, Patong Beach, some weird animal experiences, the boat ride, and the islands we visited. Enjoy!!

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