Thursday, June 21, 2012

June 21st 2012

Dear Father, How great you are. No one is like you in all the heavens and earth. Everything you do is right and just in time. Thank you for your wisdom, your knowledge. Help me to continue to seek it. I want to be a man of honesty and integrity and deals in truth. I want to be a man who leaves a legacy and inheritance to my children that is dripping with zeal and passion for the one living God. Thank you that you have stored up blessing for me. Teach me to reign in my emotions and not to act or speak impuslevily. Teach me the true fear of the Lord so I might have a quiet but strong confidence. Teach me humility and to walk in meekness and gentleness. Thank you so much for your favor at our state missions interviews. Thank you for the comments they made to my wife and I. I want to stay humble and let your promote me because I know humility comes before honor. Thank you for our health and your continued protection over my family. You are so so good. Continue to guide us during this transtion. Help these next 2 weeks to go smoothly. Help me to be a man of strength, integrity, and to pursue holiness and righteousness. Help me to be gentle and speak in love, but to not shrink back and to continue to obey the HOly Spirit. Protect our finances Lord and bless us with enough to care of our needs and to still be a blessing to others. I want to be a better husband and father Lord. Help me love more, because my love is weak and limited. I need you to love through me. Help me to teach my kids about you and pour into them your Word. You are so gracious to me and I love you so much. Give me more of a hunger for prayer and your Word. Lord, I renounce any generational curses in my life. I renounce any spirits of lust that have been passed down to me. Devil you get your hold off me and God, break the hold. No more will you attack my mind. Lord you have my thoughts and my heart. Bless this day Lord and give me favor and guide me into all truth

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