Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday, June 5th 2012

Holy Spirit, you are amazing. Thank you for your nudges, your impressions, your guiding, and your still voice that leads me into all truth and righteousness. Lord, I thank you for your mercy that you pour out on me daily. I do not deserve any of it and your grace humbles me. Please Lord, continue to give me strength to fight for justice and righteousness. I want your approval and not mans. Lord I want to fight for your honor and uphold my integrity. Thank you for this righteous zeal and Holy Spirit boldness you have given me. Please continue to strengthen me and empower me these next 4 weeks before I leave Bethel. I want to finish the job and finish strong. I want to be know as a man who followed the Holy Spirit at Bethel and did whatever it took to protect the sheep (students) and fight for righteousness. Please continue to talk to me, to fill my mouth with your words and to direct my steps. You are so gracious to me and I am so thankful for your leading and trust with me. I anxiously await this next season of my life; KC and then itineration, and then Thailand. I trust you in everything. I trust you for provision, protection, and guidance. Lord continue to bless our family financially and with good health. Continue to keep all our bills low and protect our vehicles. I come against these recent attacks from the enemny and in Jesus name, Satan, you leave us alone. You have no authority. We will fulfill our destiny and this next season of our life, you will have no influence. Get your hands of my children, off my wife, off me, and off our lives. I pray that you will strengthen Megan today and give her an assurance and boldness that she is in your perfect will. Fill Alli with your love and get her eyes of herself and onto you. Continue to heal Erica and Destiny. Unite them with me and Andrea and I pray for deliverance from past experiences. Raise up my son to be a warrior, a lover of you, and a strong leader. Fill his mouth with Holy Spirit. Give Andrea strength today and the love and patience she needs to love your children. Help me to be the father and husband you need. Also Lord give me words to say to Ali Laing today. May they be words of encouragement and refreshment. Guide me Holy Spirit. Keep me humble, meek, and lowly. Help me today in staff to know when to keep my mouth shut and when to open it. I want to defend righteousness and give insight but help me to know when words will fall on deaf ears. I need wisdom and discernment always. I love you so much Father and thank you for your favor and blessing upon me and my family. You deserve all the glory, honor and praise. My life is everything it is today because of your favor and blessing. I boast in your Jesus Love Your Son

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