Friday, July 20, 2012

July 20, 2012

Lord, you are a good good god. This meditation on scripture works. I take one verse and read it, write it, and chew on it and you give me so many deep truths. Thank you for your revelation, a window into the mystery of who you are. Lord continue to give me the hunger and grace to search you out in prayer and your word. I want to have intimacy with you that I hear your voice so quickly and clearly that I respond to it and act on it. thank you for working in my heart. Give me deeper revelation. Keep bringing up the junk buried deep in my heart. Purge me and cleanse me so that I have a broken and contrite spirit. Lord, I want to operate in the destiny you have for me. If it is Thailand, I will go. If it is ihop, I will go. If it something else, I will obey. Please lord, speak direction to me. What shall I do, where shall I go? I will trust you and obey, but lord I need to hear your voice in clarity in regards to future direction. I don't want to choose. Or run my own life. I want you to govern me and lead me. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, how I love you, how I want more of you. Keep my vessel empty of worthless, trivial pursuits. Help me to empty myself daily so that you will continue to fill me. I never want to be full. I always want to be emptied, so you can fill me again. Lord I love you.

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