Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 24, 2012

Lord, you are so gracious to me. I see all my lusts, imperfections but yet you still love me. Lord are you happy with me? Am I doing ok? I feel like I fail so much. I feel like I don't love my kids enough or love my wife enough. I feel so weak and inadequate. I have heard all the language that god delights in me and even in my weakness you still love me, but I want to hear you say that over me. I want to feel it in my heart and soul. I see so much selfishness, pride, and false humility in my heart. Lord, rid me of that junk. I want to be holy, pure, and undefiled. Lord, I want visions and dreams. I want to see and hear your voice so strong. I want deep revelation in your word. I want to know you better than anyone or anything else in my life. Give me more hunger for intimacy with you and hunger for your word. Thank you so much for your patience with me. Thank you so much for my family, our health, your provision, your blessing and favor with you and man. All I have is because of you. I am nothing in and of myself. Continue to keep us healthy. Give me more love on a daily basis for heather, Erica, and destiny. Help me to be more sensitive, compassionate, and more of a servant to my wife. Give me wisdom and counsel for Megan, alli, and heather. Help me to speak Into their lives. Lord I love you. Forgive my sins and throw them far from me. Wash my though life with your word. Though I am weak and waiver sometimes, I am so glad your grace and mercy are like an ocean for me. Grow me, mature me, I am yours.

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