Friday, July 27, 2012

July 27, 2012

Lord, thank. You for another day of your love, blessing and favor. I pray today that alli will engage your heart and experience your love, I pray that it will be more than just an emotional experience but you will bring all the pain and hurt to the surface and heal her and strike her heart with a zeal and passion to know you more than anything else. Whatever you have to do lord, please engage her and let this atc be more than just a social event to her. I also pray for andrea. I pray that you will continue to dig deep in her heart and bring all the buried pain and deferred hope and heal her and renew her wholeness and trust in you, help me to be sensitive and give discernment to speak your words to her and to be silent when she needs a listening ear or a caring, gentle touch. Lord I also pray that you will give me signs, dreams, visions of what you are doing in my lifeand my family. I have a desire for more sons. Will you give me a sign in a vision or dream that you will answer my cry. I ask for confirmation, the supernatural. I want to see and experience signs and wonders. I also ask this weekend while Seth is here, that you will monitor and restrain any wrong emotions and attitudes that will hurt or create distance in relationships. Help me to be patient, forgiving, understanding, and compassionate. Give me your love. O god, I need your love so much. Love for Erica, destiny, and heather. My love is so weak. I need love for Seth. Lord fill my reservoir with your love so I can love others like you want me too. I love you daddy. You are so so good to mr

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