Saturday, July 14, 2012

July 14th 2012

Father, I thank you so much for bringing me into this season of my life at ihop. You are bringing up my heart issues. My weak love, my critical spirit, my lust addiction, my selfishness, my false humility, and my pride. Yes, lord it is hard to see this in my heart because it is crushing and humbling, but I know you are making it known to me because you are purifying my heart so I can have direct intimacy with you and love you in holiness. Father my greatest desire is to know you intimately and not to be known or lead a great ministry or have a crowd adore me. Rid me of myself, my lust, my judgmental and critical spirit. I don't want my heart to be dull or hard when I sit in. Your presence. I want to know your voice over my own and learn to sit and enjoy you. Keep working on me lord. Keep pouring out your grace because you know i need it. I don't want to try to perform for you anymore. Reveal to me your love for me for who I am and not what I do. I love you daddy and thank you for being patient with me. Teachand give me tools and disciplines in this season that will last Me for the rest of my life. Unlock the mysteries of your word and give me access into the riches of your heart. Your favorite

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