Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 25, 2012

Lord, as I read the book of Amos, I am reminded of your power, your judgments and your swift punishments. I see that the behavior you hate the most, is given the appearance of being an obedient follower and lover of you but inwardly and in the secret place, being an example of corruption, perverseness, and immoral behaviors. In Amos 5:21-24 you say that you hate worship, sacrifices, church services, and our singing when they are not backed up with righteous living and acts of justice. Lord, I want my life to be an act of acceptable worship to you. I want my songs and words to be backed up by clean hands and a pure heart. A broken and contrite spirit you won't despise. I don't want to say I love you with my tongue and then use that same tongue to lash out in anger or belittle someone else. Mold my life so the whole ness and every aspect of my life is in agreement with who you are. I want the day of the lord to be light for me and not darkness. I want that day to be salvation and not judgment and condemnation. I also ask for grace to continue to fast. Help me to commit those days to yes, fasting food,but feasting on you. It is very hard but I want to be close to you and become weak so,you are strong in me. I need your help and strength on those days. Come and aid me. Your burden is easy and your yolk is light. I pray for my sister today. Will you sweep over her with your love today. Will you come and be her help, her refuge, her strong tower. Give her an encounter with your heart and your feelings towards her. Answer her prayer and open up a job position for Wes so they can be close to mom and dad. Today, I pray that she we feel your rest and she will cast all her cares on you, because you care for her. I also pray that you will restore to me my twin sons. I know that is a big request lord, but nothing is too big for you right? You formed the mountains, created the wind and sit on the high places of the earth. You healed the sick and raised the dead and you, yourself rose from the dead. Healing me, and giving me twin sons is nothing for you. You are king,Yahweh, god of the world, the universe, and even more. You lord are eternal, there is no end or beginning to you. Hear my cry and give me the desire of my heart. Let hope continue to arise in Andrea and I. Give us dreams and visions of your provision,your activity in our lives and hearts. I will continue to ask until this desire has been removed. I ask, so I will receive. Open up the supernatural and perform a miracle of life in Andreas womb that can only be contributed to your hand and no glory will be given to another. Do it for your glory lord, so,that man will put their trust in you and not medicine or science.

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